GR20 with a dog

One of the questions I've been receiving quite often is whether is possible to go with dogs into Parc naturel régionale de Corse (PNRC) and whether a dog can manage to cross the GR 20 trail.

The first answer is simple. On the PNRC's official website they writes: "Les chiens sont admis sur tout le territoire du Parc, mais n'ont pas acces aux refuges." That means dogs are allowed all over the Park's territory, but they must not enter the refuges.

The latter question is more difficult. GR20 is a tough trek and you should consider your dog's fitness level at first. Take into account hot Mediterranean weather in summers, scarce sources of water along the way and coarse or even sharp rocky surface. Is your dog used to such difficult hikes?

If it is, there is one more problem -- Cirque de la Solitude. It's the most difficult part in the 4th stage, where scrambling using your hands and iron chains and ladders is necessary. I can hardly imagin a normal dog can cross it, so be ready to carry it in this place, or avoid the Cirque de la Solitude at all. You can take a sidetrack across Monte Cinto and get back to the GR 20 at Refuge de Tighjettu.

If you can read French, check out this discussion about the dogs on the GR 20 trail.

Posted by Marek Prokop on Wed, 2007-05-23 23:32

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