How many km/day??


Posted: Wed, Jan 4, 2012, 17:17

I note that a website recommends 15 days for the 180 km, which is around 1 mile/hour assuming an 8 hour day. That seems ridiculously slow for me. I am a very strong backpacker and regularly hike long-distance trails at around 25 miles/day, 15 miles/day in the absolutely most mountainous, arduous terrain. I want to enjoy the hike but don't want to bore my 16-yr-old by stopping at noon every day. Can any strong hikers who have completed this hike provide some feedback?




Posted: Wed, Jan 4, 2012, 22:03


The very first thing that comes to mind is: you can always double up each stage. A couple of friends I know well, have completed the 180 km in 7 days, walking dawn-to-dusk (and so do the legionnaires of the French Foreign Legion based in Corsica). Since you are a strong backpacker you can certainly decide which stages can be doubled (although, IMHO it's not the best way to fully enjoy the trail - but of course anything is subjective).
I strongly advise you to read the excellent and famous guidebook by Paddy Dillon: GR20 - Corsica - The High Level Route, a must for anyone seriously planning this trip.

Best luck with your GR20