GR 20 and pals


Posted: Thu, Feb 23, 2012, 2:49

My husband and I are planning on being in Corsica for 6-7 days in mid June. I am completely torn on a few subjects:

1. the GR20 North or a Mare a Monti or half of a Mare a Mare? I've grown up playing all over the Rockies, so I've seen....mountains. I don't frequently see dolphins.

2. Can I get from Bonifatu to Calvi via not-my-legs?

Thanks, buckos.


Posted: Thu, Feb 23, 2012, 13:52

Since you say....Bonifatu to Calvi without using my legs....I assume that you are walking from the South towards the North? In 6-7 days on both the GR20 (from Vizzavona) and the M. Monti (from Cargese) you could be a bit short on time to 'do fully' but you are knocking a day or two off the 'book times' by leaving at Bonifatu. I would be almost sure that you would manage to get a Taxi to Calvi...the folks in the Bonifatu gite/restaurant/camping will keep you right. I have walked all six of the long distance routes on the island....they are all quite different but the GR20 and the Mare e Monti stand out above the others.