GR20 in July - too warm?


Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2012, 8:42


Thank you for sharing your experience in this forum. It is very helpful when planning the hiking trip.

Me and my boyfriend are planning to hike the complete GR20 in July. We can go the earliest 14th of July. We have heard that June is the best time to do this hike but we wonder how is it in July, is it too warm, and how warm can it get?

We have some hiking experience, e.g. last year we hiked Tour du Mont Blanc in 8 days carrying a tent and we have planned to carry a tent this time as well.

One more question that I have, is it always possible to get breakfast and dinner? How about lunch?

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Posted: Mon, Apr 16, 2012, 13:45

Hi Lara,

From my little experience back in 2010 (July) and 2011 (June) we had some kind of tropical temperatures. Now I don't know (obviously) what is going to happen this year, but from what I hear we should expect roughly the same.
In general if you want to avoid high temperatures, usually September is a good choice (but then the weather will be unstable).

About lunch ... typically around lunchtime you are supposed to be still on the trail (unless you are a racer or make preposterously early starts :) ). But, to answer your question, in depends on the place: in some huts they will happily cook something for you (but not everywhere, so I wouldn't put my money on it).