Posted: Sun, Apr 29, 2012, 12:15

I am planning on hiking the GR20 in June and I'm trying to work out how much cash I will need to carry with me. I will be carrying my own tent so as far as I can find out it costs about 6Euros a night camping. I've read that food is relatively expensive to buy, but can't find any examples of prices. Can anyone give me an idea of how much I should budget for food per day?



Posted: Mon, Apr 30, 2012, 7:15

Around forty euros per day. We cooked our own most of the time but there are times when you have to make purchases en route and of course we took the occasional meal, for example at L'onda. I don't drink beer but maybe some allowance for this if needed. We still had some left for a good lunch at the auberge at col de Bavella. At Vizzavona we took a day off and took the wee train down to Ajaccio for the day for a break.....I think that my wife raided her account for some euros at the bank in town!




Posted: Fri, May 4, 2012, 7:13

Thanks, that really helps. We are planning on cooking most days as well so that gives me a good idea how much cash we need to carrywith us.


Posted: Fri, May 4, 2012, 12:18

Interesting subject... I wonder if anybody else could develop the cost issue for me.
Do all the refuges charge a similar amount for an evening meal?
If someone were to trek the whole route, eat at the refuges every night and buy
bread/cheese for lunch they will have to carry in the region of 700 euros??
Any thoughts?


Posted: Sun, May 6, 2012, 4:49

I think that you would be very close to the reality of the costs involved. In Scotland we probably would say 'enough in the wallet to choke a horse'. We didn't go for the 'full board service' en route. The occasional meal and the topping up with food for cooking etc.... so our horse was only half choked. It's a good thing that the bandits no longer operate in Corse!....the thought of all of these folks trekking along the GR 20 with pockets full of euros! I guess more would have to be carried if you were to stay inside the refuge each evening.
It is true it can be a bit of a euro scoffer but what rewards we all get from making this journey. I think in an earlier reply to another person that around 40e per day was, roughly, our spendings but when I look at your calculation that comes out at around 50e per day? It can never be cheap to get supplies up to the refuges etc. The memories of the journey far outweigh the emptying of the wallet. You will certainly be thinner when you arrive in Conca.




Posted: Mon, May 7, 2012, 16:23

Can't see how it can cost E34 per person per day if you're cooking for yourself - any chance a breakdown on specific items?


Posted: Tue, May 8, 2012, 6:53

Hello ser99,
I'm going back to 2007, our first visit, when we could have a BA flight from London after arriving there from Edinburgh.
Arrival at 1300 circa bus into Bastia, eats in Bastia, train to Calvi 1830,camp at Calvi,eats in Calvi. .....outgoings around 52e.

Supplies in Calvi including gas, bus to Calinzana, overnight at Gite, eats in Calinzana... outgoings around 50e.

That's before getting started on the walk.

Think about the finish we had a couple of days at Pinarellu camp beside the sea and then bus to Porto Vecchio, bus to Bastia and bus to airport... outgoings around 90e.

The walking bit 15 stages so 16 days outgoings for us since we went down on the train to Ajaccio from Vizzavona.

So for these 16 days around 400e or around 25 euros per day average.

You could cut back in some areas.....we stayed in the dortoir at Vizzavona two days and of course a wee bit extra fo the trip down to Ajaccio, nothing too fancy here, lunch on the beach. We did have a sit down lunch in Bavella and a sit down lunch in Conca.
It does mount up so around 600 euros on Corsica. My wife must have spent a similar amount.




Posted: Sun, Jun 17, 2012, 11:24

Hi, we have just returned from GR 20 Sud. At mountains, we spent minimum money - we carried our food and slept in our tent, so it was about 6 EUR /person/night (only Capanelle 3 E and Croci 8 E and nothing by bergeries which were empty - Pozzi and Alzeta). Nevertheless, we spent at Corsica altogether about 2 weeks and spent total about 400 EUR /person - 15 EUR train Bastia-Vizzavona, 30 EUR bus Bonifaccio-Bastia, 35 EUR boat trip to Lavezzi, 35 EUR ticket to ferry boat, almost 100 EUR restaurants, 50 EUR camping at Corte and Bonnifaccio (it is about 10 EUR per person and half tent), the rest for food at supermarkets and couple of souvenirs. It is certainly possible to make more "low cost", and and not to carry all the money in cash - at supermarkets we paid by credit card, the same about the boat trip, and ferry boat. We had each 300 EUR in cash and it was quite enough for us.