GR20 maps


Posted: Fri, May 4, 2012, 13:27

If anyone's interested in getting all the IGN 1:25000 maps as recommended in Paddy Dillon's Cicerone guide "GR20 -Corsica" I'm getting rid of my mint condition ones on ebay.

Just go to ebay and search for "GR20 maps".

They include:
4149 OT Calvi
4250 OT Corte & Monte Cinto
4251 OT Monte D'Oro
4252 OT Monte Renoso
4253 OT Petreto
4253 ET Aiguilles de Bavella

Plus an extra IGN 1:25000 map which is not strictly necessary for the GR20 is included, but it extends the coverage to the coast:
4254 ET Porto-Vecchio

Also included are 2 Didier Richard 1:60000 maps. Very detailed topographic maps with the GR20 marked. These are updated replacements for the Didier Richard 1:50000 maps recommended by the Cicerone guide which don't seem to be available:
Haute Corse 08
Corse du sud 09

Plus a 1:180000 road map covering the whole of Corsica:
Corse D2A-2B


Posted: Sun, May 6, 2012, 5:11

The 1:25,000 maps are very useful on Corse. They gave us more than 'the corridor' view that the guide book maps can only provide. I inherited six of these from my daughter after her trip down the GR when she heard that we also were going to the island. Me, I wouldn't sell these, how could I help folks with their questions regarding parts of this journey through the island. :)