Arriving late at Ajaccio


Posted: Wed, May 30, 2012, 19:03


We'll be arriving in Corsica on the 23.05 Air France flight landing at Ajaccio (Campo del Oro). The idea is to spend the night in Ajaccio and then take the first train to Calvi.

We were thinking about taking the last bus to town and arriving at camping Les Mimosas around midnight or a bit after, but unfortunately the owners don't accept entrants at this time of night anymore...

So basically we're looking for budget accomodation for the night, as cheap as possible, that will accept our late arrival. We prefer a campsite seeing as we have a tent, but a hostel could be nice too. :)

Or if all else fails: anyone have any idea about what would be a good "wild camping" site around Ajaccio? :)

Thanks in advance!


Posted: Thu, May 31, 2012, 13:01

Always a difficulty when arriving that late. Probably not a great deal of use for you at that late hour. Would anyone notice? if you pitched up just outside the airport then take the navette into Ajaccio early morning. We stayed in a camping, when be arrived to Porticcio after Mare a Mare Centre. It's on the N196/D55 near to the Prunelli river. Name of which I can't recall but it has a pool that you can see from the entrance. N196 is one of the few dual carriageway bits of road in Corse....well that I have come across. We got an early morning bus, bus stop close to the camping, into Ajaccio.... about the same time as the school bus. You can just about see the airport from around here.....maybe three 3/4 kls by road....but like all airports it has a fence all around the perimeter.
Quite handy in Ajaccio since the bus arrives at the bus station,including the navette from the airport, beside the boats/harbour not far from the 'train grande vibration' (your transport to Calvi)....they might let you off the bus on the way past?
Porticcio also has a 'water bus' into Ajaccio which leaves from the marina but that is at the other end of the town.....maybe does not operate so early in the morning?