Posted: Fri, Apr 4, 2008, 16:07

So were planning a few hikes in our two months across Europe. There will be two of rather petite and I, of the larger variety....we are both fit and are minimalist who love to leave no trace of our existence....

I've read a few posts about packs and I saw someone up the size of the bag from 30L to a 50L + 10L....this seems a bit excessive and just wanted some justification or aid in the correct bag hunting. I have a 50L bag now and the thought of lugging it all over Europe and across a good portion of the GR20 doesn't sound very exciting or liberating.

Burton makes a nice water proof bag (AK 30L) that is super compact and a nice low center of gravity. If I were to go in on this and my partner the more compact AK 20L with a tent (Orion 5lb) strapped to that, should we be in decent shape or will we regret it?

Thanks to all in advance