Trekking condition mid of May


Posted: Tue, Apr 29, 2008, 14:18


I am lucky and have found some time to trek the GR 20. Unfortunately the time I have to spend is a bit early in the season. My plan is to start from Calenzana the 20th of May and finish in Conca around 15 days later. I feel a bit unsecure about some matters. I hope there is someone at this excellent forum that could help me with some answers.

How are the snow conditions this year? Will it be possible to do the trek without crampons etc.? (I am aware of weather is very unpredictable and quickly changing especially in mountains).

Are the refuges staffed and will it be possible to buy supplies?

If the refuges are not staffed will it be possible to use the kitchen inside? Will there be gas?

Could I expect to find the refuges crowded at this time of year?

Best regard