Mare-a-Mare Sud - Camping at Gites - possible in August? How much space?


Posted: Wed, May 21, 2008, 11:31

I posted this originally on thorntree but got no feedback (despite 80 or so views!). So I'll post it here...

This summer (mid-August) I will be hiking the Mare a Mare Sud from Propriano/Burge to Porto Vecchio. I have some questions about the accommodation & gites along the way. I will be staying at:

Santa Lucia di Tallano
Serra di Scopamene

I will be taking a tent & will probably continue hiking from Conca to Vizzavona after the Mare a Mare Sud. I prefer not to stay in dorms/gites but to camp outside.

The various websites seem to imply that you need to book the Gites on this route WELL in advance... is this true if you are camping also? Or is this only if you wish to stay in the dorms themselves? I dont mind the camping areas being packed, but as long as I've somewhere to stay I'm happy with that :)

I would appreciate some feedback from people who have actually hiked & camped the route if possible... thanks for you time!