camping stoves - to bother or not to bother?

the three brigh...

Posted: Tue, Jun 3, 2008, 23:48

Hi there,

Three of us are trekking he southern section of the GR20 in a couple of wks time. In looking into various guidebook advice and this forum, it seems like there is pretty much always food at the refuges. Perhaps sometimes the hot meal food may run out, but even then it seems like it would be possible to survive for one evening on snack food that one could purchase there. Given this, is there really a need for carrying the awkward (and reasonably weighty) items of stoves, saucepans and gas etc?
The three of us are only spending 5 or 6 nights out on the trail -do you think it is worth us carrying a stove? If not, would you advise we bring a saucepan and plates to use the refuge's cooking facilities perhaps? Or would they have this stuff too?

Any advice from anyone would be fantastic and we would be most grateful. Happy trekking.

The Three Brightonians.