GR20 for a vegetarian


Posted: Sun, Jun 22, 2008, 13:31


I get the idea of what to take in the way of food and cooking from this site and other sources but haven't found anything about catering for vegetarians. I'm doing the GR20 in early August and just wanted to clarify what's likely to be on offer for a vegetarian and hence whether I should take anything to supplement or eat instead. I've seen on here that pasta is generally served and am fine with that as a basis for meals. I'm also more than happy with cheeses (though I'm not a huge fan of soft continental cheeses sadly). So, are dishes such as pasta or soups generally served from one pot with meat in? Do the refuges generally accommodate vegetarians if specified? Is there any requirement to take supplies to supplement - especially protein? e.g. dried soya mince or the like? Also I'm not really a fan of fish.

Thanks in advance for any info.