aggressive sheepdogs at Lac de Nino


Posted: Mon, Jul 2, 2012, 13:22

Since Saturday we are back from an awesome GR20 experience.
What a trip!

We started June 12th in Calenzana and in total we got only 3 raindrops on our head.
The temperatures were just perfect: warm but not extremely hot. Only in the last etappe to Conca the sun was blistering hot.
We had one extremely windy night in Petra Piana (I really thought our tent would be blown away) which resulted in zero night rest, but for the rest everything was just perfect.

About the Usciolu/Asinau etappe: I guess 90% of the walkers followed the old course, which is quiet easy to find and which I personally found very beautiful, especially the Plateau de Gialgone, it reminds me of the Shire of the Hobbits :). Although it was THE subject of all conversations in Usciolu and Asinau, some people didn't know about the split, arrived confused in Matalza and decided to walk on to Asinau, making it an etappe of +- 9 hours, so the poor guys only arrived at 18pm at the refuge!
About the bridge in the old etappe: no vandalism: when we were there, people from the PRNC were actually breaking it down! You can easily cross the river, but the people from PRNC were looking at us like "what the f* are you still doing here?" :) I think indeed, in a couple of years everybody will probably follow the new course of the GR20, but people now are still a bit stubborn, like us, to walk an extra day (=give up a day at the beach) :)
Ow yes, we also didn't get a very warm welcome in Asinau, and it was extremely busy over there.

But then something I want to warn you about. Around Lac de Nino we met a herd of sheep/goats guided by 2 sheepdogs. They were coming our direction on the track so we really had to get off the track so they could pass. The dogs were very aggressive and they kept barking at us for at least 10 minutes. We decided not to make any movement until the complete herd and the dogs were passed, and this was a good idea. Other walkers afterwards also mentioned that they were scared of these dogs. One guy was very unlucky: to get some distance from the dogs he stepped back, and while doing so, he fell with his face on a rock resulting in a gaping wound from his nose to his lip (you could see his teeth!). He walked to the next bergerie where after 2hours the helicopter picked him up to bring him to the hospital. His GR20 was finished. So be careful there.

For everybody still going there: enjoy, it's an awesome trip!