Ajjacio to Conca on Sunday 26th August 2012


Posted: Tue, Jul 24, 2012, 21:40

Travelling from Ajjacio to Conca on Sunday 26th August 2012. I will arrive (alone) at Ajjacio airport around 10am. Want to travel to Conca (or Porto Vecchio) the same day, to start GR20 on Monday morning. Who wants to share a taxi, or share whatever to get at the starting place for a reasonable price.


Posted: Wed, Jul 25, 2012, 6:22


If you arrive at Ajaccio I think it would be best to take a train to Calvi (change at Ponte Leccia). You'll have to look up the timetable. It may take you an entire day to reach Calenzana. Not because it's that far but because public transportation on the island is a mess.

Forget the taxi. It would cost you a fortune.



Posted: Wed, Jul 25, 2012, 19:35

I think what Michele is saying is that it is best to swop from starting the traverse in the south and begin in the North? Travel on a Sunday is difficult maybe a bit old fashioned? in that it is probably a rest day for most folks working on the island? My first visit had a Sunday arrival at Bastia but no train until the evening at around 1830 with the change at Ponte Leccia to reach Calvi....camped overnight in Calvi and reached Calenzana on Monday for the start of the route. I got the impression that the evening train was the only one on Sunday? You can always catch-up with your schedule by taking one longer day to get back on your schedule? Personally I don't mind just chilling and pottering about for a few hours at the start of a journey especially in a new part of europe...well it was for me.




Posted: Thu, Jul 26, 2012, 15:19


Have a look at www.corsicabus.org for services to Porto Vecchio, but I can't see any that run on a Sunday. You could try hitching but it doesn't look like a very straightforward route.

There's a train to Ponte Leccia at 15:20, connecting with one to Calvi, which gets in at 19:55.

At least you can get to Calenzana for an early start on Monday.




Posted: Fri, Jul 27, 2012, 6:17


ooops, sorry, I got confused (you wanted to start from the south). Thanks for setting it straight, Roger.


Posted: Tue, Jul 31, 2012, 13:54

http://www.corsicabus.org/busAjaccio/AJA_PV_Bonif_S.html shows:
*** Ajaccio 16h00 to Bonifacio 19h35

with this label:
"From 1st July to 31st August 2012,
From Mon. to Sat except bank holidays
Services marked *** run every day"

If "every day" means Sunday is additionally supported, then you can get from Bonifacio to the the start on Monday morning:

7:20-7:50am bus to Porto Vecchio
8:00-8:20am Porto Vecchio to Sainte Lucie de Port Vecchio bus (13.7 km)
8:20-8:30am gite-conca shuttle bus (7.2 km)