Anyone know what time the minibus leaves castil de verghio for corte ?


Posted: Thu, Aug 2, 2012, 2:32

Hi , walked vizzavona to Castil de verghio last year and this year going from calenzana to Castil de verghio.
Last time we arrived in Castil de verghio we managed to catch a wee minibus which regularly travelled this route to Corte.
Anyone know what time it goes through Castil de Verghio at as my timings this year are a bit tighter this year. Will be getting the bus hopefully on Friday 14th September.
Failing that there was a price for a taxi from there to Calvi on the noticeboard, any idea what price it was would also be helpful
Hoping someone who has been through recently can remember better than I can.

Top Tip from last time - if you can do without it , dont bring it , no stove , fuel or cooking equipment this time , a plastic cup , plate and spork, its all you need , everything else is at the sites along the way

thanks in advance


dan , n.ireland


Posted: Tue, Aug 7, 2012, 15:19


There's one bus a day listed on

The hotel might know of more: