Wheat free meals ?

Gordon Bulter

Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2012, 14:52

My wife has a wheat allergy and I wonder if anyone who has a similar problem would be able to give us an idea of how difficult it is to get wheat free food at the GR20 huts?




Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2012, 17:01

Gluten free food in France is not easy to find. After more than 13 years in France (Paris) I can tell you that it's rare to come across gluten-free bread unless you're in a health shop. Even most spices contain wheat (blé) and so it's hard to avoid.

All of this just to say that in the refuges you'll have meals of lentils, some meat and some veggies which should of course be safe from gluten, but spices used (if any) may contain wheat. So veggies, meat, beans and pulses should be fine but you don't know what spices were used in cooking.

Gluten free bread on the GR20 would be a miracle.

If you are planning on eating meals in the refuges you could of course simply bring along a couple loaves of gluten-free bread for your own consumption.

Gordon Bulter

Posted: Thu, Aug 16, 2012, 18:41

Thanks, I think my wife will lose weight and my pack may be heavy!




Posted: Tue, Sep 18, 2012, 23:31

Hi Gordon,
Sorry my post will probably be too late to be of use to you: I walked the GR20 last summer and the one before, going wheat-free with a heavy pack! From what I could see at the refuges, the evening meals were largely pasta. I dehydrated meals to take with me, packed gluten-free pasta and lots of gluten-free pitta bread, as this seemed to be the most robust in the pack (no doubt you know this anyway). It's too tough a route to be hungry on - take a good supply of wheat-free biscuits!
Happy hiking,


Posted: Thu, Sep 27, 2012, 14:20

Some of the refuges and bergeries have a great range of food for sale. Others have relatively little. I would say that if you had 3 days of supply with you then you could probably re-supply along the way, keeping the 3-days as contingency. There is dried meat, tinned tuna and so-on. A bag of porridge oats is a convenient doesn't-need-cooking way of carrying lightweight carbs around.