Gear store or sleeping bag rentals in Corte?


Posted: Mon, Sep 10, 2012, 4:33

My husband and I are going to hike the GR20 for 3 days the last week of September. This hike is just a short part of our 3 week honeymoon to several countries and the only time we will be hiking and staying in refuges during our 3 week trip. Therefore, we prefer to not have to bring our sleeping bags just for two nights in the refuges (the third we will be in a hotel).
We are starting and finishing in Corte. I'm wondering if there is a place that we can rent sleeping bags for the trip so we don't have to carry them with us for the entire trip. We own sleeping bag liners, but I'm afraid they won't be warm enough.
Does anyone have any recommendations for sleeping bag rentals?



Posted: Tue, Sep 11, 2012, 4:47

Really no idea and have not heard of it being done. You can rent a lot of things in France but I have yet to come across a shop renting sleeping bags -- which doesn't mean there isn't one in Corte, or somewhere on the island. What about all the other gear you'll need?

You could make arrangements with your hotel and mail yourself the bags in advance, then mail them home afterwards if you don't find a place that rents sleeping bags.

Good luck.