Col de Verghion - Vizzavona


Posted: Mon, Aug 18, 2008, 20:37

Hello everyone. Me and couple of my friends are going to Corsica first two weeks in September. We love hiking in the mountains however the rest of the gang would also like to spend some time driving around Corsica and swimming at beaches. So we do not have a time to walk the whole GR20. So I planned that we will walk only some parts. We are going by own car and our plan is to leave the car in Viizavona and walk for couple of days from there to Col de Verghio (including Monte d'Oro and Monte de Ritondu). Then somebody will have to get back for the car and pick up the rest of the gang. So my question is, what are the options to get from Col de Verghio to Vizzavona? I am hoping that I will try to hitchhike one way for the car. But I have no idea how long it could take to get back to the car by this way. I am little bit worried about the number of cars passing here in the middle of September willing to give a ride to a stranger. Any ideas or suggestion? Would be a cab an option? But I guess cab would be quite pricey for such a long distance. Also I do not believe I can count on public transportation (buses) here as I have read terrible stories about buses in Corsica.

Also we are planing to go from Vizzavona to Col de Verghio. It was my idea. Would you thing it would be maybe better to walk it in an opposite direction as it is more preferable?

And my last question. After that we would like to spend another two days in the mountains. Walking one day, sleeping somewhere in the tents by some Refuge and then walking back. But we could not agree where to go. Half of the gang would like to walk in Bavella area (where we are going to go anyway, at least for a day). The other half want to go to Monte Renosso. What would you rather suggest? Or do you have any other idea for two days walk?

Thanks everyone in advance for any information which is highly appreciated.

Czech Republic