Late September/Early October

Gordon Bulter

Posted: Mon, Oct 15, 2012, 18:17

Just done GR20
Here are some observations.
Some gardiens leave before end of Sept and many leave early Oct so carry emergency food and toilet paper!!!!
No outside gas but can cook in refuge but I suspect some will run out of gas very quickly so a small stove will be advisable.
Only puncture gas cylinders are easy to find -- some occasionally at open refuges.
All types at Calvi - Super U and Intersport.
Shop at col de Bavella closed and no buses in October, easy to hike. Good clean Gite.
We had mist or rain 10 out 16 days --- normally after 2pm. Path (sorry route) marking very good.
Bed bugs still a problem but we had a tent so OK.
Temperature was between 8 and 12 degrees C above 1000m . Warmish lower down--16*C +++
Make sure rucksack has a good water proof cover.
Flies can be annoying.
Average number at refuges about 25 even this late in season. Told that over 100 at other times.
If need other info regarding this time of year I may be able to help, but things may change next year.
However what will not change is it will still be Europe's hardest route so train for it.