I need help with Ferries


Posted: Fri, Oct 17, 2008, 11:40

I am planning on going hitchhiking this year - starting in november from Ireland (mad I know) and around Europe.

My intention is to get the marseilles ferry to bastia around May next year (give or take) but I then need to get to Naples/Napoli for the next leg of my tour to see the old WWII site on monte cassino then up to Roma etc.

My problem, is that I cant find on the internet any real information in relation to getting from Corsica to Naples! There is some details about porto vecchio, but nothing concrete I can put my faith in.

I really want to come to see corsica and all of its sights, I also speak enough Frech to enjoy talking to anyone I come across so think it would be a great experience.

Can anybody help me with the ferry situation though, as I really dont want to head too far to the north of Italy.