Light boots for Cape Wrath and GR20: 400s vs Meindl Respond Mid


Posted: Sun, May 12, 2013, 15:05

Anyone have thoughts please on a lightweight boot for both the Cape Wrath Trail and the GR20 in Corsica? Salomon Quests took me over all the Munros, but I'm looking for something far lighter esp for GR20.

I've had an Inov8 400 (411 grams for size 10) on one foot and a Meindl Respond Mid (530 grams) on the other around the house for three days prior to returning one pair, and both seem fine.

+ 400s: lighter, grippier soles; but less robust and rocks might tear the leather?

+ Meindls: slightly more support for sole and ankle; but heavier and sole too 'flat'

Anyone actually used these in anger? Thanks.


Posted: Mon, May 13, 2013, 4:50

My wife has used a Meindl model of lighter boot with a grey fabric gore tex? type of top surface. Has been used on the GR20 and five of the 'other routes' on the island and they are still in reasonable condition for some summer use in Scotland. Myself I use the Scarpa leather boot which has had a similar amount of use. I'll try to find out which model of Meindl that she has but I guess that in six years or so maybe the model names have altered.