Baggage Transfer


Posted: Wed, Jul 3, 2013, 21:00

We are doing trekking independently North to South in August and are hoping to transfer additional baggage from Calvi to Conca to continue our travels with after completing the route.
We are not looking for baggage transfer on the route itself, just a way of getting additional luggage to the finish.
We have tried a few trekking companies but they are only interested in selling us a supported trek.
Anyone any suggestions?


Posted: Thu, Jul 4, 2013, 4:44

Unaccompanied/left baggage is nowadays a tricky subject.....basically our baggage contents are usually deemed suspect. Very difficult to leave luggage at a railway station or a bus terminus now in fact the only place that I saw left luggage boxes was in Edinburgh bus terminus but I didn't try to use them. Would have be happy to leave my rucksack in Calvi, for a few hours after the journey, but this is not permitted now....also at Manchester airport baggage cannot be left even for a few hours in between flight and a bus home! So you have to transport the 'albatross' around with you when moving around a town etc.
A few years ago we left some kit in Bastia station to pick up when we returned from Conca in the South and even sent a few pieces, boxed, from Haut Ascu to be picked again at Bastia.
Maybe more chance, if arriving to Bastia, to leave baggage at say a booked hotel room? then travel back by bus from south or to leave luggage and then travel to Conca by bus and later recover in Bastia?




Posted: Thu, Jul 4, 2013, 8:37

Just a wild guess - many postal services around the world have a "poste restante"/"general delivery" service which basically means that you send a parcel not to a specific person but only to a specific post office where the said parcel is then picked up by the intended receiver.

I would suggest checking with the French post if they have it. As the name of the service is French, they might :) Then you would just send a box with stuff to a post office near your destination and pick it up in person later.