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Posted: Tue, Jul 9, 2013, 8:33

Dear people!

I have some questions wich i hope you might help me with.
i will hike the gr from the 11th of august.
And i was thinking what to bring in terms of weather. I've got a super good sleeping bag -15 possible.. but do i need to bring my whole tent? ore will just the tarp do?

Can i buy gas canisters for the msr system in Conca? ore near by?

Ore can i cook in the refugees?

My biggest concern is that i arrive on sunday the 11th.
and that there aint no public transport...

i was thinking to go south north, to get my knees uses a bit....

Any ideas on how to arrive to Conca on sunday?
ore is it better to go to the north then anyways?

Thanks! hilde


thanks! hilde


Posted: Tue, Jul 9, 2013, 11:54

Hi Hilde!

You will find answers to most of your questions, if not all, by searching this forum.

I would go for a tent. If using the tarp you'll need equipment to put it up as a shelter/tent anyway.

A -15 degrees sleeping bag will be more than sufficient, I will say that it will probably be too warm at times. Though it is colder at the higher situated cabins. Also consider the weight of the sleeping bag, if it's too heavy consider a more lighter one. You don't need a sleeping bag for temperatures down to -15 degrees there at that time.

The cabins has gas stoves available, but as written before; you will not be the only one in line, they may not have very much pressure and it's quite filthy around the stoves at times.

A quick search gives the following info for the navette service between Conca and Porto Vecchio:

Starting from south to north or north to south I think is more of an personal preference. It will be an easier start from the south, but you will have the hardest parts at the end.
Either way you walk it, it's a great trek.



Posted: Wed, Jul 10, 2013, 8:33

The Sunday bus services become easier during the summer after mid June....there are some! See the timetable for Ajaccio-Porto Vecchio.
There are a couple of trains going to the Northern end on Sunday.....the usefulness of these depend upon your time of arrival in Ajaccio.
Since the French blue gas is readily available in Corse I have have always taken my 'pierceable gas can' stove to the island.....does the MSR system use a screw-on type of can?
Plenty from recent visitors on the forum regarding the gas cooking available...or not available...at the camping areas and in the refuges. My advice is to take your own cooker. Although I do admit to enjoying the social contact at the outdoor cooking areas that I did use at Manganu, col de Viergo and inside the refuge at Ascu....but at many places the gas didn't function, did not have gas bottles or were extremely grotty!




Posted: Wed, Jul 10, 2013, 11:35

I believe that all the MSR stoves have the screw-on Coleman type attachment, save for one (MSR Superfly) which has a special one-fits-all mounting shoe and will presumably fit both Coleman and Campingaz systems. By the looks of it I would not trust it a single bit but on the other hand I will trust anything with MSR on it with my life so it probably works :)

As correctly pointed out before - the chances of buying a screw on Coleman cannister in Corsica are several-fold lower that the chances of getting the blue Campingaz ones which are sold in the towns and some refuges sometimes.

I find the cartridge systems evil and avoid them like plague, therefore I would take a liquid white/automobile gas system as I always do. If I had to go with a cartridge stove, I would go with the French system. There is also a very handy tool devised by Eldelrid


Which fits onto the French click-on cartridge and provides a screw-on attachment for those of us fitted with the American gear. Beware though, not every screw-on stove fits this adaptor because of the limited space between the screw and the outer flange.

Hope this helps.



Posted: Wed, Jul 10, 2013, 13:23


My down sleeping bag is rated +3 comfort, -2 limit and -18 extreme. I would need to wear extra layers at -2 and would definitely get hypothermia at -18. Anyway, it was just about right on the GR20 in August 2010 but far too hot at sea level. At 1kg, it was a good weight too as keeping the weight down is really important.

I'd favour the full tent too as long as it's a lightweight one. It can get stormy and you will still need poles.




Posted: Fri, Aug 2, 2013, 11:44

thank you all!
that is super helpfull...
unfortunately my plane arrives after the last trains and busses.... i hope to hitch then to porto vechhio....

i will search for a click on system so my mrs can do campinggaz to... ore i buy a light weight campinggaz stove..

ps tarjei great blog!!!

hey guys do i need full rain equipment??? no right? things will dry in case of storm quickly enough during the day?
i will take 3 shirts. a down jacket. a goretex waterproof jacket.. a short and a long thing trowsers.. schould be ok no?

thanks already! yours hilde


thanks! hilde


Posted: Sat, Aug 3, 2013, 10:53

Hi Hilde. So you are also treking alone...I will be arriving on the 17th. And was thinking about doing the rout South-North as well. How flexible is your planning?


Posted: Sun, Aug 4, 2013, 9:21

Hee Johan!

I will kinda slowly go to porto vecchio.. as i arrive on the 11 sunday... i cant travel yet :(

so will arrive the 12th..
and i guess then only the 13th ill start hiking. i will do some detours.. so you catch up with me! i think!


thanks! hilde