Lost keys (probably at Carouzzo hut)


Posted: Sat, Sep 7, 2013, 14:14

Hi all,

I started the GR-20 a few days ago but had to stop after 2 days because my shoes broke. Now I am trying another attempt from the south (I actually found it very hard to adjust to the mountqin trails).

Now I lost my keys somewhere on trail. Presumably on the Carrouzzo hut. :-S Could anyone who starts from the north soon ask at the first hut if they found something (and bring it to Carrouzo hut) or did anyone find something already? I know chances are slim that I might get those keys back, but I have to try and I will probably pass Carrouzzo hut again in the end of my second attempt.

How is the lost & found policy on the huts, anyway, and is there a way to contact the rangers on the huts?

Best wishes,


Posted: Sat, Sep 7, 2013, 15:18

Hi Benjamin,

Sorry for all your troubles. If you are currently on the trail, you should know all the huts have radio equipment to stay in contact for emergencies and service. You could try at the next refuge to ask the guardian if he is willing to get in contact with his colleague at Carrozzu, or post a message for anybody to see.
Best luck