on foot along N193 and N200

Andrew Antrushin

Posted: Mon, Apr 14, 2014, 22:20


I'm coming very soon on Corsica, in Ajaccio..
Evening of April 19th...

And I want to try to make on foot the distance from Ajaccio to Aleria
along the motorways N193 and N200... with a stop at Corte for a day or two maybe...

Do you think it's possible? I mean to walk all this distance now in April?
And is it possible to sleep outside without a tent on my way?
I have only a sleeping bag with me...no tent..unfortunetly..

Do these main roads lie really high in the mountains?

And could I find any places to sleep on my way or to get any food?

if the foot walking is not possible for some reason..
what about hitch hiking now?
A lot of cars or not?

Looking for an answer...


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Posted: Tue, Apr 15, 2014, 6:49

There is the train service which will get you to Corte via Vizzavona....to Aleria on the East coast, Bus?



Andrew Antrushin

Posted: Tue, Apr 15, 2014, 11:17

Thanks...sounds cool!

I'm looking at the prices...it's not that bad..
but I think the information is quite old.. it's something like this:
Ajaccio - Vizzanova (4,30 euro)
Ajaccio - Corte (5,80 euro)

And there are several interesting stations on the way...
Maybe I will take train..specially if the weather will be bad..

But still... If I want to go on foot...along the motorways..
is it possible?

It seems to me that I can make this distance..in 3 days.. from Ajaccio to Aleria..
Am I wrong?

I just can't imagine the conditions in the mountains..and how high do these roads go?

Waitnig for an answer..=)

Thanks again=)



Posted: Tue, Apr 15, 2014, 15:59

I can't really answer such questions. Well I can say that the altitude at Vizzavona is around 900 or so metres....it is the lowest place that you make contact with on the GR20.
Like myself most of the folks on the forum go to the island to walk on the mountain trails which are completely off-roads. Any transport that I have used on the island has been to either get to the start of a trail or at the end of a walk to reach an airport or a port for the ferry.
To be honest, from what I have seen of Corsican roads, they are fairly narrow and tortuous and it would not be much pleasure to walk beside any of these roads. Also not many motorways to be found on the island.....a bit of dual carriageway out of Ajaccio towards Porticcio and a bit out of Bastia and a new bit close to the airport at Poretta. :-).




Posted: Tue, Apr 15, 2014, 19:36


I can't imagine why you want to do this apart from some sort of masochistic endurance test.

Walking on the road won't be very pleasant and potentially quite dangerous.

Also, why are you heading for Aleria? It's just a few isolated campsites on the coast but you don't have a tent.

Why not get on the bus or train at Ajaccio and go somewhere nicer?

Here are the timetables: www.corsicabus.org

What about Bonifacio? it looks really nice.

If you are determined to try this, then take a tent at least. Even a cheap 40 Euro tent will make a big difference. I'm sure you can pick one up in a supermarket in Ajaccio.