Sleeping bag recommendation for Mid-Septembre start on GR20


Posted: Tue, Jun 17, 2014, 19:00

What is the minimum rating one should consider for a sleeping bag for Mid-Septembre to early October. I have the option of a light +3 Celsius bag or a heavier -5.
I did find some information on the average temperature for that time of the year but I suspect that this does not take into account the cooler temperature at higher altitude.

Thanks again.


Posted: Wed, Jun 18, 2014, 17:34


My bag was a Vango Venom 300 down sleeping bag at 1020g. It was perfect on my first trip at the end of August 2010 and just about right for my trip in August/September 2013, apart from one night in the shelter on the summit of Monte Renoso. It's comfort range is down to +5C

I'd go for the lighter bag if it's comfort range is down to +3 (rather than its extreme range) but I'd take a light down jacket as well. A budget lightweight down jacket would be OK. It doesn't need to be a fancy technical jacket. I got a Nevica jacket for £40, I just wish I had it with me on Mt Renoso.