Fears allayed - travel


Posted: Wed, Sep 3, 2014, 16:24

I worried about travel around the island, because there are so few buses each day. Never fear!

Bastia to Calvi, bus leaves at 10:30, takes a couple of hours AND WASN'T FULL. This was August 2 this year, so peak week.

We took cab from Calvi to Bonifatu (euros 44) for our start. THIS MEANT WE COULD GET TO FIRST REFUGE DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS and didn't need to waste a day.

From Conca, you can walk (downhill) the three miles or so to get the bus from Sainte-Lucie, or get the regular bus. The bus stop at Sainte-L is easy to find, the bus shows up, again IT ISN'T BUSY and you can rely on it to get you to the airport at Bastia. You don't need to travel south to get the bus from Porto Vechio itself.


Posted: Wed, Sep 3, 2014, 18:39


That's good to hear. It mirrors my experiences. There's plenty of public transport provided you plan around the limited timetable rather than expect transport when you want it!

The Gite in Conca will provide a minibus service to St Lucie de Porto Vecchia or Pinarellu as and when you need it. Just ask, order a beer and wait!