Tra Mare e Monti queries: Gaffr or anyone else...?


Posted: Tue, Sep 30, 2014, 22:39


I'm heading out to Corsica early on Sunday 5th Oct, flying in to Bastia. There's about 35 minutes between flight arrival and the train to Calvi from Cassa Mossa - is this connection possible, do you think? Or will we have to loiter til the evening train?
Gaffr, I've read your information regarding plenty of camping opportunities on the Mare e Monti - good news as it's what I'd like to do. Does anyone know if camping is still (legally) viable in October?
Does anyone have other top tips for this trail?
Can't wait to start another Corsican adventure! :-D



Posted: Wed, Oct 1, 2014, 6:03

The eternal problem in Corse.....linking with transport!
I would be surprised if it were possible. I've only ever walked out to the road for a hitch ( now a dual carriage way prior to the old road ) or taken the airport navette into Bastia. A fast taxi to Casamozza?

Camping...we camped at Calinzana at Bonifatu, bivvied out prior to the descent to the Fango river. Camped at the gite in Galeria and beside the gite in Girolata. Beside Gites in Curzu and in Ota and Marignana where we bought meals. Camping is available, site outside and we camped at E Case refuge on our way down to the coast.
All open in October?...not sure. We travelled in June.




Posted: Fri, Oct 3, 2014, 14:17

Thanks, Gaffr.
On double-checking it seems on Sunday the bus is in my favour (whoop!) and runs at a potentially possible later time.
I shall post up camping and accommodation info when I get back....