Leaving car at Tattone (camping)


Posted: Sun, Oct 5, 2014, 16:54

Disclosure: I do not have any interest in recommending the Tattone camping other than the wish to help others plan their GR20 trip, and to express gratitude for the truly helpful hosts running the camping.

Because our Corsica vacation had some time before and after GR20 we had a car and many things, such as swimming fins, heavy camera, etc. that we didn't want to take to the mountains.
We did spend time researching where to leave our car and things (including the expensive camera) somewhere around Vizzavona so that we would feel safe about them without spending too much money on the service. We researched Vizzavona itself and then Vivario. The hotel U Campanile in Vivario looked particularly good, not expensive with great reviews for both hotel and restaurant. Unfortunately, they never responded to our enquiry (written in French) about the possibility of leaving the car with them. We have later passed via the hotel: parking there could have been tricky, maybe that's why they didn't respond. Eventually, we found camping Le Soleil in Tattone, and that turned out to be our solution!

The camping is 50 meters from train station, and 4 km from Vizzavona train station.
There is a trail from the camping to Canaglia and from there to Bergeries de Tolle (beautiful walk) and on to Petra Piana, or to L'Onda. Vizzavona can be reached by train in 6 minutes but trains are not frequent.
They charge 4 Euros per day for leaving the car + an obligatory night at the camping for 18 Euro. I guess if we didn't want to stay there, we would just pay the 18 and go. But we did have an opportunity to spend a night there during a break in our walk (to leave more things behind and make our packs lighter!).

The grounds are beautiful, clean and quiet, with excellent sanitary facilities. No gas stoves I think, but we had our own. Fridges and large kitchen area. Great pizza served in the evenings!

All in all, I recommend this place very much for anyone with similar logistics needs; they do have a strategic position for GR20 and are not at all expensive.