Anyone ever walked from Refuge de Manguna down the gorge/valley into Corte ??


Posted: Sun, May 24, 2015, 13:28


I have been to Corsica twice before and completed parts of the GR20 and loved it. This year
we are starting in Calenzana and heading south along GR20. I intend to walk to Refuge de Manguna and swing a left towards Corte. It seems to be a well walked route and I can see there is a Refuge de Sega along it.

I am reasonably fit and used to walking long distances with stupid weights of 15/20kg. From google maps it appears to be a gradual descent from 1600m to about 800m over 20/25km.

I'm hoping its possible to do in one day, all be it a long one..

Anyone any idea how long this would take to do. I was hoping to do it all in one go without stopping overnight at the refuge if possible. I would like to get into Corte to catch a train out to get a connecting ferry.

Anyone any idea how long it would take or has done it ?

Steve Dan

Posted: Sun, May 24, 2015, 14:57

Hi Desp
I hav'nt walked the whole route but have done Corte- Sega- Corte as a day walk. Also walked past the liason with aSega en-route to Manganu while on the GR. It is a well known liason and alternative for the Mare a Mare Nord.
Walking times are given at around eight hours in the various guides, and the terrain underfoot is'nt too difficult, so I'd say it's completely doable.
You're not going to stamp down the valley with 20kg on your back, are you!


Posted: Sun, May 24, 2015, 15:15

Cheers for reply , I thought it would be about 10 hours or so but 8 is easily doable and its mostly downhill.
Don't plan to rush it as it looks like there's lots of pools for lounging around in as we walk down the gorge
Just getting this years trip planned now ferry times are on for September. Sailing into Nice , walk from Calenzana following GR20 to Manguna and then down into Corte. We carry all our own camping/cooking/sleeping kit so not tied to refuges.
Should take 6 days walking all being well.
Can't say I've doubled up stages before but have stayed at a few " camping interdict " sites when our legs have felt fresh enough to walk on a bit. As long as you leave the place the way you find it there's no bother.
Once in Corte got to get up to Bastia somehow to get ferry back to Nice , train/bus timetable for then is not out yet as far as I can see. Worse case scenario it will be an expensive taxi ride

As for the 20kg , pack generally weighs about 13kg but adding in water when none is guaranteed along the route fairly increases it.

If your going to be dumb you gotta be strong !!

Steve Dan

Posted: Sun, May 24, 2015, 16:23

The walking times are always a rough guide, as you probably know.
I can cut these by an hour or so if I get a wiggle on. You will no doubt be able to gauge your own pace by the time you get there. The pools on the Tavingnano are very hard to walk past. Leave plenty of time for these.
The summer timetable usually means a couple of extra trains, no dramatic changes in times.


Posted: Mon, May 25, 2015, 19:36


There are two options from Manganu. One is to back-track to the Bergeries de Vaccaghja and go down the Tavingnanu Gorge past the Refuge de Sega. The other is to carry on over Bocca Alle Porte to the Breche de Capitellu and down the Restonica Gorge.
Tavingnanu would be a delightful downhill trek to Corte with the option of a break at Sega and shouldn't take more than about 5 or 6 hours from Manganu. Going over Capitellu and down to the Bergeries de Grotelle took us about 4 hours with the option of a splendid breakfast at the cafe there. There may be a Navette available from there if the road has been re-opened or expect a horrendously hot slog down the road.




Posted: Mon, May 25, 2015, 20:14

I want to add a third option: Manganu - Bergerie de' Lenze - Lac de Goria - Breche de Goria - Lac de Melo - Bergerie de' Grottelle.

But myself I'd like to visit the Tavignanu valley and the Refuge Sega first.



Posted: Mon, May 25, 2015, 20:51

Thanks to all who took the time to reply. Lots of options I never even thought off. Think I'm going to dander down the gorge. No real hurry to get into Corte now and are totally self sufficient so will take time and enjoys the pools.
Now just need to get work to approve my leave request ......


Posted: Wed, Jun 10, 2015, 9:12

Hi Desperate Dan,

I'm going for my fourth completion of the GR20 starting on the trail from Calenzana on Monday 22/6/15. I too intend on this ocassion to detour off the GR just before Manganu at the bergerie and follow the gorge down into Corte. You obviously don't own the Abrahm's Trailblazer guide for the GR20, so here are the timings for the 'average' hiker:

Manganu - bergerie Vaccaghja 45 mins;
Bergerie V to A Sega Refuge 3 hrs;
A Sega Refuge to Corte 3hrs 45 mins.

i.e., total 7hrs 30 mins.

My personal iterinery will involve camping at A Sega having started that day at the Refuge of Ciotulu i Mori and looping back to Manganu to camp the following night by trekking the route down into Corte, walking/hitch-hiking the 15 km up the D623 to Bergeries de Grotelle (no navette service until 15/7/15 - info direct from office de tourisme Corte) and regaining the ridge at the Breche de Capitellu via the two lakes and proceeding 'back' to Manganu via the Bocca a e Porte. The following day I will continue onwards on the GR20 south to Petra Piana and Monte Rotondo.

If you start at Verghio I think the walking time is about 7 hrs 50 mins to Corte.

The gorge is very picturesque by all account. Enjoy!

Steve Dan

Posted: Wed, Jun 10, 2015, 20:43

I'm sure you're Verghio-Corte timings are a little optomistic. If we are going by the book( Trailblazer), it gives Verghio to bergerie Vaccagia as 4.45. I walked it pretty quick when on the Ciottulu-Manganu double, but Corte in under 8 hours...? Sure you don't mean Verghio- a Sega


Posted: Thu, Jun 11, 2015, 12:20

Hi Steve,

I can't speak for your level of fitness, but I'm super-fit. Generally, I multiply the Trailblazer times by 2/3 and Paddy Dillion's, whose are slightly more conservative by 0.6. This, is even when carrying a pack containing up to a week's food in order to reach Vizzavona. The 7hrs 50 mins is as you state for Verghio to Refuge A Sega as per one of the GR20 websites, and I will admit that I made an error because at the time I was considering the option of continuing beyond A Sega down into Corte when I came upon the time to A Sega on the website. Doing the maths I reckon that I would cover I Mori to Corte in 9 hrs 10 mins, but I'll probably aire de bivouac at A Sega after 7 hrs 10 mins if only to cut down on the cost and by doing so avoid the after heat/thunderstorms having broken camp by 05:00.