Mare a Mare Nord 2015 part 2


Posted: Sat, May 30, 2015, 18:39


Was responsible for the part 1 of this post about 10 days ago but having had a look at photos and maps, would like to update about the lack of orange flashes at points on the trail. Several times the path seems to have been rerouted to bypass villages, so differs from the map. At times we just couldn't find the path - worst case in Pianellu where we spent ages looking for path heading west to Sermano. Got a lift from a man who'd come to feed the pigs who got us back on the orange path. Also very bad around river crossings - had to backtrack several times before we found path again. Had to ask locals when we did touch villages eg Alanda where orange flashes went both ways and we could see Sermano - but had no idea - local put us right. Beautiful walk from Moriana to Corte.




Posted: Sun, May 31, 2015, 10:30

Maybe the splashes of paint markings have faded over the years....2008 when we were on that trail the splashes were mostly in place where needed. I would say it is a maintenance job to keep these routes regularly updated. The evidence is there to see on the GR20 but on a few of the Southern routes many of the markers and sign boards need re doing. It is patchy some parts of routes and I have seen sign boards with a new type design. I was aware of many new sign boards on the GR20 when I went back to it from the south in 2013. But, I guess, because of the huge numbers of travellers on this route (tens of thousands per annum) that is where the greatest effort with maintenance is directed. The GR20 numbers are of completely different magnitude than those who visit the quieter routes!

Can I ask what guide you were using for this route? We used the Corse, Entre mer et montagne, Topo guide which has all five of the routes with the variants on the island with IGN maps...that is all excepting the GR20 which has a separate guide.

We have had a couple of unplanned visits into the maquis when we strayed off the routes of both the Mare e Monti N. between Galeria and Girolata and on the GR20 on the first day up to Orto Piobbu... we got it right the second time round :-)..........not pleasant when you try to tough it avoided and certainly turn back and re-orientate for best results!