Corsica or Sardinia Book store for - Corsica: The 75 finest coastal and mountain walks - Rother Walking Guide


Posted: Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 7:41


I'm looking for a bookstore where I can purchase Corsica: The 75 finest coastal and mountain walks - Rother Walking Guide in English? There seems to be no English pdf or ebook version available online. I'm currently in Santa Maria Navarrese and will be traveling to Sassari, Alghero, Santa Teresa Gallura and then on to Corsica Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio.

The main reason for purchasing the book is to find day hikes in the Porto-Vecchio and mid north west region that have swimming holes along the trail.

Thanks in advance!


Posted: Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 8:31

I bought one of the 'Finest valley and mountain walks in Corse' maybe eight years ago from Stanfords on line....maybe they would send a copy to one of your addresses?




Posted: Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 10:47

Hello David,

If your traveling, the only option you have is to try the Corsica newstands and bookstores. It shouldn't be hard. I bought mine online from



Posted: Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 16:23

Just another thought on this. My wife bought a French Topo guide in the Tourist Information place in Moriani. It was PNRC book ( in French) of all the walking routes apart from the GR20.
You would expect them to have the French books but you never know they may just have Rother Guides? Might be worth a try at the Tourist Information places around the island.



Steve Dan

Posted: Fri, Jun 5, 2015, 20:59

Hi David,
Check out the info on the 'Treking paths' post for the Porto Vecchio region, and if you're going as far north west as Porto you should find everything you need in the Spenluca Gorge, between Ota and Evisa

lynne balcony

Posted: Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 0:31


Thank you so much for this wonderful website. Your info has been invaluable to us. We are planning our first trip to Corsica, arriving September 21 and staying possibly through the first week in October. We are thinking of doing the Mare a Monte Nord, probably starting in Galeria, as you suggested previously, ending in Cargese. (taking bus/taxi from Cali to Galeria?)

I have several questions.

1. Are accommodations still plentiful the last week of September, first week in October? We would like small hotels, B and B's or gites. (camping is not a possibility) Would booking in advance be advisable?

2. Is there any point to point luggage transfer service? We have found services that will plan your trip, reserve rooms, and transport luggage but we prefer planning the trip ourselves, choosing our accommodations etc. We are only interested in point to point luggage transfer. Alternately, can taxis be hired to transport our duffel bags?

3. We are good hikers but would like a moderate level of difficulty. Is there any technical aspect this hike?

4. Could you recommend some villages or towns on the western coast where we could stay a few days and just do day hikes as well?

Thank you so much!




Posted: Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 11:03

You appear to be mixing the "Mare à Mare Nord" with the "Tra Mare e Monti". The latter indeed goes from Calvi to Galeria then Cargese. In my very partial opinion, the loveliest hiking path in the loveliest area on the whole island ;)

1. Hotels, BnBs and gîtes are plenty in Corsica and open almost year-round. September-October is not off-season so better book in advance, or at least make contact. The Calvi-Galeria minibus line operates in september (except on sundays), the driver is very kind and helpful.

2. Besides tour operators as noted, not that I know of. However some gîtes and hotels also provide taxi/minibus services, I'm sure they will transfer your luggage to/from them for a fee.

3. No difficulty on the TMM: the path is physically well-balanced, and reasonably maintained with plenty of signs and cairns to guide you. Two minor issues: better have some map with you or else the abundance of signs may be puzzling, due to the path having locally many variants; and the usual late summer drought, bring plenty of water and take note of the existing fountains beforehand.

4. The mountain villages of Ota (two gîtes there, plus the many hotels in Porto) and Evisa (gîtes and many hotels) are surrounded by a whole range of hiking paths, bathing spots, panorama points etc. Neat places for enjoying a couple of days "off the TMM".

Have fun!


Geologist in Corsica

Steve Dan

Posted: Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 13:09

Hello Lynne.
As SQFP has already said, and covered most of your questions, all the gite d'etapes on the Tra Mare e Monti are open until the end of September, some well into October. I'd usually book in a day before arrival. For a list and telephone numbers check out.
The Revinda refuge ( the next overnight after Maringana) is listed under the Mare a Mare Nord.
After my own Tra Mare e Monti , and lunch at the Le Cabanon de Charlotte ( which I highly recommend for an end of hike celebration ) I caught the mid- afternoon bus from Cargese and spent a few days at the gite d'etape Le Belvédère de Saliccio in Piana. Lovely peaceful place, great views, and handy for the supermarket or the restaurants in the village.
From there you can daywalk to the top of Capu d'Orto, along to the Calanches de Piana or simply plod downhill to the little beach at Ficaghiola. Piana itself is a really pretty little village. I had a great three nights here.
Whichever way you choose,
have a great trip.

lynne balcony

Posted: Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 14:53

SQFP and Steve,

Thanks so much for this information. Very useful indeed. Right now we are pouring through various guidebooks but it's so helpful to have info from people who have done these trips frequently.

Happy travels!