Public transport from Ajaccio to Conca?


Posted: Tue, Jun 9, 2015, 22:44

Sorry if this is a well-trodden topic, but I still have a few confusions after reading several posts and website. I'll be flying into Ajaccio in early July.

The first stage from Ajaccio to Porto Vecchio seems straight forward, but how to get from Porto Vecchio to Conca?

Can I rely on the "Beach run" service ( That page was updated last year and there is no price information, so I don't know if I can trust it. If this bus is running, can I easily transfer in less than 1 hour from the bus stop of the Ajaccio-PV bus (Porto Vecchio, Terre-plein du port) to the PV-Conca bus stop (Porto Vecchio, Gare routière)?

Or do I need to take the mini-bus from Gîte d'étape "La Tonnelle"? It seems like they have semi-scheduled departure from Conca but not from Porto Vecchio. Do I have to call them to schedule a pickup at Porto Vecchio? Also their website ( is down; is the Gîte still open this summer?


Posted: Wed, Jun 10, 2015, 6:45

Hi Poly,

Your best option is to try to contact La Tonnelle Camping by emailing them or calling them up to arrange a pick up for you from Porto Vecchio.

Also see this:
and this:

Worst case scenario, take the bus that goes to Bastia and get off at "S.Lucie de Porto Vecchio". From there you could catch a lift (Conca is just a few kilometers away).



Posted: Wed, Jun 10, 2015, 7:24

Don't know if my own experiences with busses will be helpful or not....nothing is ever quite strait forward on the beautiful island.
After the GR20 in 2007 and having some lunch at Tonnelle we were aware of the Tonnelle minibus leaving from the restaurant. We were dropped off at the camping Pinarellu a little way East of Sainte Lucie-de- Porto- Vecchio. The Mini-bus was, I think, taking some other folks to Porto Vecchio.
A couple of days later we boarded, at the camping entrance a bigger bus, taking the same route as the mini-bus?, which took us to Porto Vecchio to connect with the service bus travelling to Bastia. Maybe we could have boarded this same bus by walking into Sainte Lucie but, I guess, it could have been packed full on reaching the village.
In 2009 after coming from the North along the other walking routes we ended up directly to finish in PV. After a camp here we boarded a bus to reach Bastia but this time from at a 'stance' close to the old town of PV.
In 2013 I travelled down from the North on the Service bus and from Sainte Lucie I phoned from the bar in the village to contact Tonnelle for the mini bus which in fact was on its way back to the Restaurant with supplies so we all squeezed into the bus to reach the start of the GR20.

What am I trying to say...maybe there are more than one bus company operating on the East coast route? and along with the Tonnelle mini-bus there is also a Local smaller bus service....which is what Michele was saying.
Advice...when in PV head to the Tourist Info place for the latest on busses.




Posted: Sat, Jun 13, 2015, 2:27

Thanks Michele and Gaffr for the information. Looks like my best option would be to take the Bastia bus to S.Lucie, then from there either contact the gite for a lift or try to hitchhike.

Conca seems to be within walking distance from S.Lucie. Would I be crazy to think that if worst comes to worst, I can just walk from S.Lucie to Conca?


Posted: Sat, Jun 13, 2015, 6:21

I didn't, at the time, have the phone number of the Gite but the folks in the bar were very helpful....they made contact...and as it happened the mini-bus was in the area so it all happened quickly.
From what I recall of the road up to Conca it is probably not the best for walking. It is twisty and narrow. Maybe difficult to hitch along...not many places to stop for an intending/helpful motor.
I know that we all want to get busy and walking on the GR. No need to rush at the start. Have a good night's rest at the camping at the Gite and have a meal there. You will then be ready to face the 15/16 stages and if needed you can soon catch up on time if you maybe just have the two weeks on the island?
Possibly a good move travelling South to North....time to let everything settle down after the unfortunate happenings on stage four out of Calinzana in the North.