The Cirque is confirmed CLOSED and FORBIDDEN for a while: placards in place


Posted: Thu, Jun 25, 2015, 11:05

A quick note from the Park people at Randoblog with some pictures.

Following the confirmation of the closure of the Cirque because considered dangerous some no-entry placards have been positioned at both entrances.

It has been stressed also that this action is not meant against hikers but as a measure of safety because the area remains unstable.

I just hope people will stick to the rules without violating them (I know some will nevertheless).



Posted: Wed, Jul 1, 2015, 19:54

The BRGM folks (French Geological Survey) have made a survey of the cirque where the rock-fall happened.

I bring to your attention of the danger of the site. The report from the BRGM identifying some important risks.
The main risk comes from the possible unstable piles of blocks.....the departure zone was the slab dominating the path near to the bocca Minuta and the rupture of the slope uphill of the zone equipped with ladder and chains.
.....these piles of blocks are imperfectly balanced.......the landing of the rock-fall is balanced precariously.
Those fallen blocks could consequently move again under extra triggering.....more heavy rainfall, the weight of walkers moving around or the impact of further rock-fall from the top of the cirque.
.....beyond the rupture of isolated blocks the surface on the whole is likely to collapse as well after a short period.....

With regard to the arrangement of the rock structure of the site those different threats are likely to impact directly on people who are on the GR20 or are close by to the site.

Taken from the randoblog of the PNRC folks.
A quick translation made by my wife and since it is does use some technical language perhaps a few errors may be present in this. apologies.