Tomorrow saturday from calenzana to ascu.. Sunday.. Navette runs sunday?


Posted: Fri, Jul 10, 2015, 14:26

Hello all,

I did the gr20'2 years ago in mid may with my friends in 6.5 days end to end. It was good fun. Now i find myself arriving at calvi tomorow on the early morning flight from dusseldorf. A friend will pick me up at the airport, drive me to calenzana (good to have such friends) and off i go again woth the intention to go a bit faster this time (though age and fitness conspire ha ha). To make my proposed schedule, i need to make haut ascu at least on the first day, and given the i understand ongoing closures, getting a very early start sunday to hike the detour route and, again, ideally, to manganu or beyond but that may be pushing things.

Please understand that this is a very ambitious schedule. It very well might not work for me and it is perhaps not suitable for many people.

However, if you are reading this and are interested in joining me for either day1 or 2 or onward, imwould be grateful for the companionship and mutual support, doubly and triply so as parts of this may involve significant night hiking amd of course because the detour is new to me.. If you read this and this system supports personal messages, please send me one, but basically i hope to start at around 9am or 930 from calenzana (late, but the best i can do). If you happen to be on the gr20 or abouts or at calvi airport in the morning i can be identified by, well, that i have a boeing 777 hat either on me or clipped to my gold/beige rucksack.

Happy hiking, all!