Camping at Col de Bavella


Posted: Sun, Jul 26, 2015, 19:28

Hi, I am planning a South to North GR20 hike starting September 3rd with 3 friends. We are arriving in Ajaccio and I had planned to get public transport (bus) from Ajaccio to Col de Bavella. However, to local bus seems to only go to Zonza after the end of August.
Q1: Can we get a taxi from Zonza to Col de Bavella?
Q2: Since the bus only runs in the afternoon it is unlikely we can make it over the Alpine route to Refuge d'Asinao that day. Is there a place to camp at or near the trailhead at Col de Bavella (we will have tents)?
Q3 Or would you recommend forgetting a start at Col de Bavella and getting the bus to Conca and starting from there?


Posted: Sun, Jul 26, 2015, 19:47

I have only ever past through Bavella both from the North and from the South...had something to eat there and continued on. From the North the arrival from the North through the towers you pass through what is the hamlet....places to eat at both ends...a place for overnights at the restaurant Grimaldi...downhill from the top of the Col. ...but I didn't see any where for camping (Nothing mentioned in the guidebook) and just a few 'kindof' small summer houses.
It would seem easier for you to get to Conca where there is camping and then onto Paliri refuge/camping...about say 45 mins. down to Bavella.
Yes the transport arrangements do change after August!




Posted: Mon, Jul 27, 2015, 8:37

There are a couple of Gite d'Etap at Bavella. Take a look at Google Maps/Street View. It shows two: Auberge du col de Bavella and Restaurant Les Aiguilles de Bavella but no camping. A lot of the organised groups start or finish at Bavella so it can get very busy.
If you have time, go to Conca and start there. The first stage up the the Refuge Paliri is a great warm-up stage and the refuge itself is lovely.
The buses to Conca are no less awkward. You should be OK if you can catch the early morning (8:30am) bus to Porto Vecchia but I guess you fly in on that day. There is a bus at 13:00 but you might find yourself stuck in Porto Vecchia until the next morning. You can arrange for the gite (Tonelle) in Conca to pick you up in their minibus:
Contact par téléphone : +33 (0)4 95 71 46 55
Contact par mail :




Posted: Mon, Jul 27, 2015, 14:38

Thank you both for your suggestions. Very helpful!


Posted: Thu, Jul 30, 2015, 14:13

There is a bus from PV to Conca later in the afternoon, around 3-4pm. I don't remember the exact time since I took the earlier one, but you can call Autocars Bradesi at 04 95 71 40 09 to find out. Cost PV-Conca is EUR 6.5.