Magnetic Variation

Costis Panas

Posted: Sat, Aug 8, 2015, 20:46

Hello everybody,

it's very nice to read around the forum and see so many people being active on Corsica's trekking routes!

i myself will have the honor to visit this very beutiful (as they say) island of Mediterranean and i'll have my first 5 days walking in the heart of Corsica. I'm planning this to be my teaser and come back for a more full scale meeting with the rugged terrain of the island! My route will be Corte - Ref. A Sega - Ref. de Manganu - Ref. de Pietra Piana - Ref. de l’Onda-Vizzanova.

May i ask which is the current magnetic variation for Corsica? i'm planning to use map and compass for exercising and can't find this info in the web or the forum..
I also would like to ask if anyone knows the way from Corte's railway station to the start of the trail heading to Ref. A Sega..

thnx in advance!

Costis Panas

Posted: Sat, Aug 8, 2015, 21:03

by the way... may i also ask which is the best site for weather forecast? i can see some rainy predictions for the next week...



Posted: Sun, Aug 9, 2015, 6:50

The only time that I was in Corte was traveling the MM Nord. For camping and to reach the Tavignano we headed to get behind the Citadel, a lump of rock with the ancient fortress perched on top, from there easy to get onto the old mule trail up to Sega.
I always had maps with me on our Corse trail trips....useful to get the picture of the land beyond the guidebook linear approach but never had to use a compass....simply set the map to the terrain in view. Good enough if the weather is clear.:-) I think that the variation is negligible on Corse?
You have chosen the finest section of the route for your brief visit.




Posted: Sun, Aug 9, 2015, 20:28

Hello Costis,

Since you asked the same questions on my blog as well ( I'll reply here.
To reach the Tavignano follow the advice Gaffr just gave you. Besides that I think everybody in Corte can point you in the right direction. So don't worry.

As for the magnetic declination, Gaffr rightly pointed out that the declination in Corsica is absolutely negligible. However if you badly wanted to know that, the current declination is +2° 10' and you can find it online at this address: then move the map to the place you want in Corsica and read the result.
You can also enter the name of the city in the left box to get the same result.

Latitude: 42° 17' 60" N
Longitude: 9° 9' 0" E
Magnetic declination: +2° 10'
Declination is POSITIVE (EAST)
Inclination: 58° 16'
Magnetic field strength: 46290.3 nT

Costis Panas

Posted: Mon, Aug 10, 2015, 20:53

Thnx for the replies to both of you Gaffr and Michele (i have read your blog and found it very useful so thnx for that as well!)

I'm pretty sure that everybody knows where the head of the trail is in Corte but now i know as well! :) cheers!

I bought the map so i was able to calculate the magnetic variation.. which i found at +1° 43' which is equal to +2° for practical use! i still have to check why the website is giving it at +2° 10' but makes no difference for my navigation!

Can anybody inform about the best website for mountain weather forecast?

thnx for your help once again! :D


Posted: Tue, Aug 11, 2015, 7:49

Costis, working with the magnetic declination is kind of tricky. I'm sure you're aware that the magnetic declination is variable and changes every year and also varies from place to place (even in the same region).

For your weather forecast try


Costis Panas

Posted: Tue, Aug 11, 2015, 13:02

It is true that tricky is quite the right word but working on the field with compass and map is a lot of fun and helps you decipher the ground in a much deeper understanding! +2° East is good enough for my needs and i'm pretty sure that i will have great time on this beautiful island!

Thnx for the weather website! i'm planning to start walking at Sunday or Monday and forecast looks good!

I'll comeback with a feedback of my experience.. in the meanwhile if you have any suggestions, i'll be happy to hear about them but you have already did more than enough!