Bus from Corté to Col de Vergio not running week of 14 September

Kari Trasker

Posted: Tue, Sep 15, 2015, 15:30

Due to an accident on the descent to Haut Asco, our group of three have had to spend two days off the GR20, in Corté. Our plan was to get back on the GR20 by taking the bus to Castellu di Vergio in the morning. However, when our hotel receptionist called to doublecheck, turns out the bus/taxi driver has gone on holiday this week. Looks like we'll get a taxi instead, but posting this to inform others.


Kari Trasker


Posted: Tue, Sep 15, 2015, 16:32

Thanks for the heads up Kari.
You could have also taken the opportunity to rejoin the GR20 by walking from Corte the beautiful Tavignanu valley up till Refuge Sega (+/-12 km) and the next day reach Ref. Manganu (+/-10 km) etc.


Hope the accident wasn't anything serious.


Posted: Tue, Sep 15, 2015, 17:24

Last week, the bus came up from Corte to Vergio without any passengers. The hotel and gite were full, and the campsite was almost full, but there were no passengers who wanted to go back to Corte either. The bus driver told the receptionist that he wouldn't be coming again this year, and she went round warning people that there wouldn't be any more buses. It didn't sound like the driver was just taking a holiday. It sounded as though he was finished for the year.