Taxi share Bastia airport to Cassamoza railway station/Calvi to Calenzana 12.6.16


Posted: Fri, Oct 30, 2015, 14:58

I am arriving at Bastia airport at 09.25 (06.10 Easyjet from Gatwick) on Sunday 12th June 2016 and I'm looking to share a taxi with one/two extra individuals in order to catch the 10.55 to Calvi from Cassamoza railway station. This will be my fifth traverse of the island on the GR20 and know from June 2014 that this ride costs 28 euros (train about 13 euros). I would similarly be looking to share a taxi from Calvi to Calenzana which costs 40 euros that same day (Sunday ca. 13.40).

Oliver (


Posted: Tue, Nov 24, 2015, 11:37

Hi Oliver,

We recently travelled on Corsica for the first time (Sept-Oct 2015) and traversed the GR20 and got from Bastia to Calenzana using One can simply search for a ride and/or sign up and post for a ride notification via email. Its a lot cheaper than a taxi.

We also arrived at Bonifacio via ferry from Sardinia on a Sunday and realised that public transport does not operate on Sundays! You probably know this, but we found hitch-hiking to be incredibly easy and somewhat a cool experience on Corsica! We then hitch-hiked the complete length of the island to Bastia on a Sunday afternoon (7 pick ups in total). Knowing then we would complete the hike on a Saturday meant that we would have to get back to Bastia again on a Sunday. No worries, we hitch-hiked from Conca to Bastia again on a Sunday (3 pick ups in total). Most of the people offering us lifts were Corsican's - amazing people!

Corsicaforhikers has a blurb about hitch-hiking on Corsica. Its well worth the experience and adventure if you have yet to try it!

Have a great hike!