Walking across Corsica?


Posted: Tue, Dec 15, 2015, 9:49

Hello all!

This autumn me and my friend visited Sardinia and Corsica. We had only one week so shame to say but we only expierenced beauty of Corsica for only couple days. Hanged out mostly in Bonifacio. However I would like to wander on this island longer when weather will be more friendly. I am not particulary interested in hiking GR 20 (don't have much of a experience in advanced hiking) so would prefer just to walk around island. Is there routes to walk across it and is it even possible and adviced as far as physicall concerns goes? I most likely will have one month for that.



Posted: Wed, Dec 16, 2015, 2:37

There are several routes crossing the island that are marked-up and have gites/camping facilities.
Have personal acquaintance with five of these. Two of these cross over the GR20 and it is possible to link-up the other three, with a bit of a short bus ride between Mare e Monti Nord and Mare e Monti Sud to make another Calinzana to Porto Vecchio journey of 21 days.
I used Topo Guide, Corse Entre mer et Montangne.
If you look around the Forum you should find some details of journeys made.