Sentier de la Transhumance for beginners


Posted: Fri, Mar 18, 2016, 5:58

Greetings everyone.

First of all, I would like to thank you for this amazing page. It is a real help in our planning.

We are going on a 2 week trip to Corsica in June and during our stay we would like to go on one of the shorter hiking trails, 4-5 days. I have chosen Sentier de la Transhumance. It seems doable and to have fair ascent and descents. There will be four of us and we are all in good physical shape, but we have never been to Corsica and I cannot find more detailed information about the trail so I have a few questions.

Is it suitable for beginners? Are there any stages that would be too dangerous for casual hikers without experience and with basic equipment?

Any information will help. Thank you.



Posted: Tue, Mar 22, 2016, 9:19

Coming back from Corsica a three years ago I talked to folks who had travelled the Sentier de la Transhumance and had found it to be an enjoyable route.
Not absolutely sure if they had began walking in Calinzana but you can follow route used by the Mare e Monti North through to Bonifatu and further onto Tuarelli where the routes separate.
The Sentier heads up to the refuge at Pluscaghia.....a bit of road at first then onto a marked track.
The walk then descends to join the GR20 roughly halfway between refuge Mori and col du Vergio.
Before Vergio you could follow the trail down to Albertacce/Calacuccia leaving at the bergerie Radule.
Lots of options including going further along the GR20 to refuge Vacaccghia and descend to refuge Sega and on down the very fine Tavignano valley to reach Corte.
I was aware of marker boards etc. for the route in the area of Radule.

IGN Topo map 175 Bastia/Corte 1;100,000