2-3 day hiking trip


Posted: Thu, Apr 28, 2016, 12:29

Hi, we would like to include a short 2-3 day hut hiking trip in September on our visit to Corsica. Right now I'm thinking fly into Calvi, enjoy some beach time, then train to Corte and loop a 2-3 day hut trip back to Corte. Then train back to Calvi to depart. 6-7 days total trip. Is this feasible?

Any suggestions? We are in good shape and have done a bunch of hut trips in the Alps. Is there a way to avoid looping back to Corte after the hike and return to Calvi by bus or something?

Thank you!


Posted: Wed, Jul 15, 2020, 18:19

If you use the train for access then it's pretty reliable, which means you can make a decent walking plan based on the timetables.

If I just had three days I'd get the train to Tattone as early as possible and walk up the valley to Petra Piana to camp by the refuge. Next day would be a spectacular romp along the GR20 to Manganu or Vaccaghja. The last day is a long one, but start as early as possible and follow the valley route past Sega to reach Corte. Be sure to arrive in good time to get the train to Calvi.

If I had just two days I would get a taxi as early as possible to Grottelle and climb steeply to join the GR20 and follow it to Manganu. Next day would be another early start for the valley route to Corte.

It helps if the weather is good. The scenery on the highest part is among the best in Corsica