6-7 days walk in mid June


Posted: Sun, May 22, 2016, 20:23

Hello everybody,
Im arriving at Calvi in the morning of 16th of june. My plan was to start hiking the same day and go southwards. I have my flight back home from Ajaccio the 22nd in the evening.

As this is my first trip to Corsica, I am very excited but also slightly clueless on what to do and how to orientate myself.

My somehow initial plan was to take a bus to Calenzana, and then start hiking. I am quite fit and would like to walk 6-7 hours a day. Would it be possible to go to the top of Monte Cinto, and then downwards toward to for example Cargese, and arrive there the 21st of june? And then take train/bus to Ajaccio the next day? Or is it too optimistic?

If going to peak of Monte Cinto is not that great, I am also open to skip that. Any advices for a route would be greatly appreciated. If anyone of you have any suggestions on where I can sleep on my way, or where I can find out about it, I would also be really grateful. I know its possible to sleep in cottages, but I have heard you should book before.

How is the food in the mountain cabins? Is it only canned/processed food, or also traditional/local stuff? Is there any pastoralists with goats or cows on the way, where you could buy some raw milk? :))

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Grateful regards from Norway,


Posted: Mon, May 23, 2016, 6:42

The only time that I have gone by bus to Calinzana from Calvi was on the scholars bus, around 1400hrs....however not always convenient timewise...so by taxi...possible to share the costs with others maybe.
The reorganised route on the GR20 does now go within a stones throw of Monte Cintu....so no problem there...possible a bit of lingering soft snow?
You say downwards to Cargese...I assume still heading South on the G20.
So, given favourable weather conditions, five days to Col di Vergio. Maybe difficult to do in less time since the first four stages from the North are fairly strenuous for most of us normal old blokes. :-)
At Vergio the GR20 and M a M Nord come together. Follow the MM Nord to Evisa, there are buses to Ajaccio from just outside the village passing the campsite...possibly the same bus that comes over the Col Vergio?...so another option if running out of time?
I camp so mostly cook my own food. I have taken meals at some of the refuges/bergeries....mostlty Corsican food....and very good Corsican goats/sheep milk cheese...me I don't drink raw milk.
For peace of mind carry your own tent.




Posted: Thu, Jun 9, 2016, 20:31

there is a shepherd conveniently located along the GR20 at 'E Radule', a couple north of the Col de Vergio. Not sure if he still has raw milk by late June, but you may definitely enjoy genuine cheese there.

As stated, your best bet when it comes to reaching Ajaccio in time is to go down by foot from Vergio to the village of Evisa (or Marignana as well) in order to catch the bus to Ajaccio. It leaves early in the morning (~7:30am) Mon-Sat.


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