Calvi - Calenzana June 9th 2016 8pm


Posted: Tue, May 31, 2016, 10:28

I am going to take the late train from Ajaccio to Calvi on Thursday June 9th. I am planning to take a taxi from Calvi to Calenzana in the evening, some time after 8 pm when the train arrives. Total cost are about 40 euro to share (if you know something cheaper, I'd like to hear about it :) )

I would normally get off the train at Camp Rafalli (close to the turn off to Calenzana) and get a taxi to from there, but could also continue to Calvi train station and start from there.

please contact me at (disposable email to protect myself from spammers), or post a message here.




Calenzana -> Conca From June 10th 2016 - June 26th 2016