Night temperatures and snow conditions in June


Posted: Sat, Jun 4, 2016, 20:16

Hey Folks,

I am hiking GR20 North starting from Vizzavona, northbound, from 15th June.
& 2 questions I have to you fellow hikers with GR20 experience:

1 What night temperatures can I expect in the area of the refuges? - I am planning to cowboy camp or bivak... I don´t want to overdo it and take a 'heavy' sleeping bag (>-5C), neither get frozen in my lightweight option.

2 How about the snow at higher altitudes? pls, anyone finishing before I start, provide me/us with an update about snow conditions (e.g. new trail at the Monte Cinto) - sure I won´t take crampons, but I am planning to wear trail runners, unless I have to deal with crazy snow fields - anyway, it would be great to know what to expect in the 2nd half of June this year.