Night temperatures and snow conditions in June


Posted: Sat, Jun 4, 2016, 20:17

Hey Folks,

I am hiking GR20 North starting from Vizzavona, northbound, from 15th June.
& 2 questions I have to you fellow hikers with GR20 experience:

1 What night temperatures can I expect in the area of the refuges? - I am planning to cowboy camp or bivak... I don´t want to overdo it and take a 'heavy' sleeping bag (>-5C), neither get frozen in my lightweight option.

2 How about the snow at higher altitudes? pls, anyone finishing before I start, provide me/us with an update about snow conditions (e.g. new trail at the Monte Cinto) - sure I won´t take crampons, but I am planning to wear trail runners, unless I have to deal with crazy snow fields - anyway, it would be great to know what to expect in the 2nd half of June this year.


Posted: Sun, Jun 5, 2016, 12:23


I already posted this elsewhere on the forum, but it might be useful to you as well:

Below is a link to pictures from a very snowy route between Haut Asco and Tighiettu, taken on June 1st.
The post is public, you should be able to see the pictures without being logged in to facebook:

According to the original posters, there have been people doing the route without crampons, while others have turned around because of the snow and ice. According to them, it depends on the weather on that day: if it's warm, the snow will be soft, and it's doable on normal shoes. If the snow is hard and icy, then you really don't want to walk across without crampons.

Personally, I am planning to start early from Asco, so that I will be past Monte Cinto before noon, to avoid any thunderstorms. Supposedly thunderstorms often occur mid-afternoon, and you don't want to be caught in one while crossing close to Mt Cinto. My guess is that earlyish in the morning the snow is more likely to be frozen, so l'll pack my crampons. I have limited experience with using crampons, and never used micro-spikes, but from what I read elsewhere, micro-spikes aren't really suitable for this trip.

If you really don't want to pack crampons, there is always the option to take a shuttle bus between Haut Asco and Calasima.
See the schedule here:
The Bus company confirms that it runs every day from May 15th, incl Sunday:

Calasima is 7.5km away from and 620 m below Tighiettu:

Hope this helps :)



Calenzana -> Conca From June 10th 2016 - June 26th 2016


Posted: Sun, Jun 5, 2016, 15:53

Caro, FYI, if the condition of an icy expanse with a precipitous drop to one side truly warrants crampons, it usually also warrants a companion ice ax, and training in the use of both. Micro-spikes are great and perfect for thru hikers with trekking poles if they encounter a small bit that is uncomfortable. I doubt if either will be needed by the time I get there mid-month, so I am not packing anything. Just know that people slip and go to their deaths with some frequency when assuming that crampons alone will do the trick. Just even waiting an hour or two for the sun to do its work could be sufficient to make it safe enough, so that should be considered an option as well.


Posted: Tue, Jun 7, 2016, 14:23

Thanks for the info!
I have had training with crampons and ice axe a few years ago, but haven't used them since.

Here are some more pictures of the north section at Mt Cinto and Bocca a e Porte:
Looks quite snowy :S



Calenzana -> Conca From June 10th 2016 - June 26th 2016