Posted: Sat, Jul 2, 2016, 13:12

Hi, I'm Silvia,
I'm going to start the GR20 in a few weeks but I still have some doubts. I'd like to know what kind of groceries can I buy in the refuges? Bread, dried soup? what kind of food in tin? I would also like to know whether free camp stoves are present in EVERY refuge or not? Becouse I'd rather not carry gas and burner.
Thank you


Posted: Sat, Jul 2, 2016, 13:19

Food is sold at all the refuges. It is packets and tins, with very little fresh produce or bread. You probably won't be impressed by the choice, but you won't starve. If you have allergies then you probably need to taking your own food. It will be much more expensive than what you can buy in supermarkets, but at least you don't have to carry it. There are gas stoves at every refuge, but there are usually a lot of people waiting to use them.


Posted: Sun, Jul 3, 2016, 16:35

Hi Silvia,
I finished walking the GR20 last week.
There are gas stoves inside every single PNRC refuge. They are only meant for people staying inside the refuge (not camping), but there are also gas stoves outside for the campers at every PNRC refuge. Inside the refuges they also have pans, plates and cutlery, although the equipment varies a lot between refuges. L'Onda had no cutlery. I brought my own cutlery, cup and a small pan and was happy that I brought it, but I could have done without it if needed.
Do bring a lighter!

Many private gites or bergeries don't have gas stoves. The private gite at Bocca di Verdi and the Auberge de Bavella do have gas stoves for people staying in the refuge.

Every refuge sells some food. If you are OK with eating pasta + tomato sauce almost every night, then you never need to carry food. Some sell other canned food. They usually also sell cookies, peanuts, Mars/Snickers bars, teabags and instant coffee, small cups of jam and butter, sausages and often cheese, sometimes canned tuna. I think most didn't sell bread, but some sell crackers (biscotte) instead. I saw dried soup sometimes.

If you don't want to carry food you definitely won't starve, but the menu might be quite boring.
I brought rice, lentils and spices to make my own dinner, and porridge oats for breakfast.

There are small stores with a bit more selection at the hotel at Asco, at Tighuettu, the small store at Col de Verghio, Vizzavona and Bavella.

Hope this helps,


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Posted: Tue, Jul 5, 2016, 10:22

Thank you all very much for your helpful tips! You've been very clear!