How do you feel about doing the GR 20 fast versus doing it slow?


Posted: Mon, Jul 18, 2016, 6:40

I did the GR 20 before, five years ago in 12 days. I've wanted to go back for a long time. I'm going to have about a month in France. I was thinking that eight days on the GR 20 would be a good compromise between fast and slow. But then I must also think that I will take a day before to get there and a day after to go home. I also thought about what if I did it in five days. Maybe it would be interesting to test my limit one time. I can always come back and do it slower. What do you think? I have some friends in Nice that I would like to spend time with, so that's another reason to go fast. Will I miss out on making friends on the trail? I didn't make friends last time.

Also, what are the best 5 refuges for camping? I can't remember, but there was a nice one that had good spots on a mountain. I want to say it was Petra Piana. And maybe the top 3 for meals? When I was there last time, my favorite things there the cheese, the bread, and the canned tuna in tomato sauce. I never had a meal at the refuge. But maybe I would like to try some meals. Last time I brought a pot and I cooked spaghetti. I feel that this time that's not necessary. I'm going to try to go as light as possible. 2 lb backpack, 1 lb sleeping bag, 1.5 lb tent, etc. What is your advice for my thoughts?


Posted: Mon, Jul 18, 2016, 6:44

I'm also interested in doing the Aguilles de Bavella variant and the Monte Cintu variant (but I guess this is the route now). Any other interesting variants?


Posted: Wed, Jul 20, 2016, 6:19

Could there perhaps be a dichotomy between doing GR20 fast or slow?
As you say there are many variations along the route some of which would take up the best part of a day to fit into a schedule.
In the old days Monte Cintu took up a extra day to include up and down from Ascu a time scale that would be the same for several of the higher summits. Now of course Cintu can be fitted into day four on the route.

Of the options than can fit into a normal day on the route.
The Crete between Piana and l'Onda is an option probably taken by most walkers.
Monte d'Oru before dropping down to Vizzanona.
Monte Renosu between Capanelle and Verdi.
Punta Capella is an easy include...a mere diversion from the path to the rocky wee summit.
Whatever way you do Usciolu to Asinao Monte Alcudina fits into the day out.
The Bavella traverse I found took less time to do that going by the normal route.