back from gr20


Posted: Thu, Jul 28, 2016, 20:33

hi, i'm back from corsica.

I've done the gr20 south-north in 8 day and half. half cause i was used to double but the last day i just walk down from piobbu to calenzana. i had to change my plans cause the trek was more hard than i thought. so i missed the alpine ways except from bavella and i've trek the normal route. i've done it without eating at the refuges and sleeping when possible out of them. the hot and the poor eating make me fell a bit weak so it has been hard.

this is my trek:

1 day: conca-piedineddi 12 h (during the night i was alone and visited by the fox)
2 day: piedineddi-col de verde 10h30m
3 day: col de verde-vizzavona 8h (here i bought 2 cans of sausages and lentis and pasta and 1 salame)
4 day: vizzavona-pietra piana 9h
5 day: pietra piana- col de verghio 9h
6 day: verghio- thigiettu 6h
7 day: thigiettu-asco with the cinto summit 7h30m
8 day: asco-piobbu 8h30m
9 day down to calenzana 4h after i've hitchhiked to calvi

i've spent 20 euro on the gr20. tips:
- i've always used the water from sources. never problem
- it's always possible to sleep out of refuges. it's forbidden ok but there are a lot of spaces to to that. no fires obviously.
- vizzavona..if you buy something from the one little shop the owner let oyu sleep in his garden and charge your cell phone for free
- to go to calenzana or conca try with bla bla car. buses are few and expensive, hitchhiking possible but from bastia i've tried without success.

i loved the south, the north is more spectacular but the south is really amazing, the worst stage for me is from carrozzu to piobbu. i've decided to to south north cause after i've been in the desert of agriates. from calvi i've taken the train to ile la rousse than walked to camping ostriconi and slept there. in the next 2 days i walked the chemin du litoral. very beatiful with some beach like caraibi. i think could be a good choice after mountains to finish the holiday at the sea.

what (that's was my 4th time there) wonderful like always. a paradise.


Posted: Thu, Jul 28, 2016, 20:36

ah, the cirque was close from the tighiettu. maybe but i'm not sure there was still snow. anyway i was to tired just to think to do it or not. i went through the normal cinto ways and stop.


Posted: Fri, Jul 29, 2016, 5:06

Thanks. I want to do it south to north with a fast pace with the alpine variants. I will probably try for the beginning of September. I think I will not try to intentionally sleep outside of the refuges, but maybe if I'm hiking close to sunset wild camping will be necessary if I don't make it to the refuge.


Posted: Fri, Jul 29, 2016, 7:19

No problem finding place to sleep. There are many close to view point or water. They are done with rocks. You will see them from the first day. Many of them are better than refuges in term of beauty and wilderness. Asinao is burned you can sleep there. I piedineddi is an old refuge. Col de verde free. Vizzavona free in case you buy something. After tighiettu 30m you will find a wonderful place. I have slept just at piobbu cause I was tired but if you go further you find a wonderful place with sunset view. Better than refuges. The only problem are animals you are alone maybe can come close to you.


Posted: Fri, Jul 29, 2016, 10:40

OUCH - I feel pain when I think about the length of those stages. I climbed from Calenzana to Piobbu three times, and went down from Piobbu to Calenzana once. I know which way I prefer.


Posted: Mon, Aug 1, 2016, 15:43

Perhaps the cheapest trip made by travellers on the GR20 at two and a bit euros per day. :-)
I guess that most of us will spend around 20-30 euros per day when camping on the route.
Anyway you seemed to enjoy your trip and even had the energy to continue in the North beyond the GR20.