Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016, 19:30

Hi all,

We will be walking the northern section from 29th August and planning on camping. I've been reading the forum and was wondering if anyone has any other advice on mosquito nets? Only planning on using the refuges in an emergency so we're wondering if we need nets and if so has anyone purchased any of the cheaper brands and do they work in protecting against bedbugs? Don't really feel the urge to start sewing but the thought of the little critters getting in by bag with me starts me scratching'!

This forum is such a useful resource, kept me distracted for hours from work!

Thanks everyone for contributing.




Posted: Thu, Aug 11, 2016, 15:53

Kate, the bedbug issue is unfortunately a recurring nuisance (especially with the constant increase of hikers). It doesn't affect all people so it's just a matter of tough luck. If you can sew yourself a net it would put your mind at ease. Personally I don't know if there are any on sale so I'm curious too.